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NSA 2003 Board Candidates

Janelle Barlow, PhD, CSP,  ::  Francis O. Bologna, CPA  ::  Joe Bonura, CSP  ::  Bonnie Dean  ::  Michele Matt, CSP  ::  Snowden McFall, MAT  ::  Laura Stack, MBA, CSP  ::  Linda Byars Swindling, JD  ::  Phillip Van Hooser, CSP

JANELLE BARLOW, PhD, CSP - Las Vegas, Nev.

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I was deeply involved with the Northern California Chapter of NSA for many years during the mid-80s through the early '90s. Since 2000, I have served on the National Board of Directors. This past year I have served as NSA's Secretary. I am personally interested in a variety of NSA issues, including our international presence and keeping NSA an organization that is attractive to senior and experienced speakers while at the same time offering value to those entering the field.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Janelle has been a member of NSA since 1982, and she earned her CSP in 1987. On the national level: Board Officer 2002-2003. On the local level: Board member, NSA/Northern California for eight years; President of NSA/Northern California, 1988-89; co-chair, Northern California Meeting Planners NSA event; coordinator, Northern California Speaker's School; speaker, several NSA Workshops and Conventions.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Member, National Board of Directors for the Association for Humanistic Psychology.

CAREER/EDUCATION: President/Owner, TMI, US; PhD, Education, University of California-Berkeley, 1973; Master's Degree, University of Pittsburgh and Sonoma State University; licensed psychotherapist in the state of California.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: A critical attribute to the success of any organization is the manner in which it handles the business side of its business! Having practiced public accounting and consulting for more than 30 years, what Francis offers through Board participation is the benefit of having participated in the development of a myriad of financial transactions for both his clients and himself. From those practical how to's come the wisdom of knowing what works and what doesn't. Simply put, what Francis offers his fellow members, through Board service, is personal wisdom garnered from real life experiences.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Francis has been a member of NSA since 1995. On the national level: Member, Finance Committee, 2000-2001; Chair, Chapter Leadership Committee, 2002-2003. On the local level: President, NSA/New Orleans, 1999-2000; Chair, Mentor-Mentee Program, 2000-2001.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Member, National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts; member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; member, Louisiana State Society of Certified Public Accountants; Past President, MIR Group (local charitable organization).

CAREER/EDUCATION: BS, Accounting, University of New Orleans; Certified Public Accountant, State of Louisiana, 1977; founding partner of Wegmann-Dazet & Company, 1980 to present; promoted from entry level staff to partner of a national CPA firm within six years.

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JOE BONURA, CSP - Prospect, Ky.

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I need your vote so that I may continue to put my marketing and management experience to work for you and your future. As a Board member, I have had the privilege of working with NSA Presidents Jim Rhode, CSP, Stephen Tweed, CSP and the current Board of Directors in putting together a marketing program that will make over 250,000 advertising impressions on meeting planners, on your behalf, during the next year. This assignment gives me the opportunity to use my 36 years of marketing experience to further the recognition of NSA as the leading association in the speaking industry. I was NSA's 2000 Convention Chair, and I serve as Professional Speaker Magazine Editorial Advisory Committee Chair in 2002-2003. On the chapter level, I served as program chair and President of NSA/Kentucky. The future of NSA is a reflection of its leadership, and NSA is a reflection of the speaking profession. I owned and operated a $14 million advertising agency for 20 years. I sold the company in 1989 to pursue a full-time career in speaking.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Joe has been a member of NSA since 1988, and he earned his CSP in 1994. On the national level: President's Board Appointee 2001-2002 and 2002-2003; Chair, Editorial Advisory Board, 2002-2003; Chair, 2000 Convention; Lab Chair, Platform Skills Program; presenter, Meet the Pros; presenter, Sales PEG; presenter, 2003 Eastern Workshop. On the local level: Chair, Chapter Program; Vice President and Past President, NSA/Kentucky.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Vice President and Program Chair, Advertising Club of Louisville; President, Falls Creek Homeowners Assn.; Special Program Chair, Sales & Marketing Executives; Board Member, Kentucky Opera Association; Board of Governors member, Bellarmine College; Program Chair, Southeast Christian Church Sales Support Group.

CAREER/EDUCATION: President/Owner of Bonura Business Development Group, Inc., 11 years; former President/Owner, Bon Advertising Agency, Louisville, Ky. and New Orleans, La., 17 years; attended Louisiana State University; graduate, ICS School of Marketing; Dale Carnegie Human Relations, Sales and Management courses; graduate, General Electric Psychology of Selling Course.

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BONNIE DEAN - Bellingham, Wash.

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: The value that I will bring to the NSA Board is my wacky sense of humor, energy, passion for the organization that changed my life, compassion for our members in this time of 'business unusual,' and broad-based knowledge and experience with Chapter issues. My background includes involvement as a Board member for a variety of civic organizations, and consulting in areas of team-building and strategic planning. For those of you who aren't familiar with me, I have been active behind the scenes for many years and would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your concerns about our organization firsthand. I support NSA's mission of developing strategic partnerships and I will assist Chapters in understanding who the experts in their communities are and how to strengthen their membership through them. In keeping with the spirit of Cavett, I believe the best skills I bring to the table are an undying thirst for learning, a commitment to grow our organization by bringing in others who are as passionate about their message as we are, and a deep caring for others with honesty, integrity and trust.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Bonnie has been a member since 1993. On the national level: Vice Chair, Chapter Leadership Council (CLC), 2002-2003; Liaison, CLC, 2 years; Hospitality Chair, Western Workshop, 1999; People Mover; Session Host; presenter, Youth Leadership Conference, 1996; presenter, Meet the Pros. On the local level: Director, Program Membership, Vice President, President-Elect, President, New Member of the Year, 1993; NSA/Greater Los Angeles Chapter; member, NSA Pacific Northwest; member, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS); presenter, U.S. and Canadian Chapter.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: member, Board of Directors for Altrusa International Women's Organization, 2 years; member, Board of Directors, Women's Referral Service, 2 years; 1994 Entrepreneur of the Year; member, Board of Directors, San Diego YMCA; past member, Meeting Planners International and American Society of Training and Development; AIDS Service Foundation; docent, Orangewood Children's Home; Hospice volunteer, Bellingham, WA.

CAREER/EDUCATION: Graduate coursework, BS, California State University - San Diego; taught values clarification to incoming freshman, CSUSD, 6 years; College Extension Coordinator, Hawaii Recreation/Geography programs, 10 years; YMCA Camp Director; Sales Training Coach for direct sales company, 10 years and top 5% sales professional; Graduate school of hard knocks, 1981-2002; Grandmother of 5; Fairy Godmother to many!

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MICHELE MATT, CSP - West Des Moines, Iowa

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I promise to best serve the Board and NSA in the following three ways:
* Understand the challenges, needs and expectations of a dynamic membership;
* Bridge the interaction between national and the local chapter members as a way to strengthen the brand "One NSA"; and
* Continue to develop resources to enhance the eight competencies of our members by utilizing the talent within our membership.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Michele has been a member since 1997. On the national level: She earned her CSP in 2002. On the local level: Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, President, NSA/Iowa. Chair, President's Council, 2002-2003; founding officer, NSA/Iowa, 2001.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Past President, VP Programming, VP Professional Development, VP Communications, American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) Iowa. Chair, Leadership Conference of National ASTD; H.O.M.E. Volunteer of the Year, 2000; Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year Runner-up, 2001.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BA, Business Administration and Management, Upper Iowa University; AA in Computer Programming and Accounting, AIB College of Business; Graduate, Leadership Iowa, 2001.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I love this organization passionately and want to contribute to its growth and success. When I chaired and co-chaired the Speakers Conference for NSA/New England, we brought in more than $10,000 in corporate sponsorships and I would like to see that take place for NSA worldwide. Having owned an advertising agency for the past 20 years, I bring a level of expertise to assist with the ongoing branding and marketing efforts at NSA. Most of all, I want to build upon the consciousness of kindness that Cavett Robert created as a critical part of this wonderful organization, to keep our members welcomed, supported and valued.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Snowden has been a member of NSA since 1996. On the national level: Leadership Ambassador of Environment, 1998; presenter, Chapter Showcase, 1999; presenter, Camp NSA, 1999; presenter, Cavett Institute, 2000; Chapter Consultant on Speakers Conference, 2001-2003; Convention Committee, 2001; Session Host Chair, 2001; team member and interviewer, VOE, 2002-2003; Chair, Motivational PEG, 2001-2002; Chair, PEGs, 2002-2003. On a local level: Board member, NSA/New England, past 5 years; Co-Chair, VOE New England, 2 years; Chair, Image Committee, 1999-2000; Chair, Corporate Sponsorships; Co-Chair, Chair, Speakers Conference 1999 and 2000; Legacy Chair, 1998; Showcase Coordinator, 1999; Marketing Chair, Speakers Conference, 1998.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Past Board Member, Boys Club; Past Board Member, Center for Collaborative Leadership (Dr. Deming initiatives); Past Member, River College Advisory Board; Past Board Member, Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire; past member, Ad Club of Boston; past member, NE Direct Marketing Association; past member, NE Broadcasters Association; Co-founder, President and Treasurer, Success for Women Entrepreneurs; named National Women in Business Advocate of the Year by the Small Business Administration.

CAREER/EDUCATION: MA, Teaching, Brown University; BA with honors, Vassar College; certified DMA Instructor; certified Genesys Instructor; attended Leadership Institute, the Entrepreneurship Institute, Leadership and Mastery, and Strategic Marketing Programs at Boston University.

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LAURA STACK, MBA, CSP - Denver, Colo.

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: In the spirit of Cavett, I offer my time and talent to be of service to NSA because of the benefits I've received and the love I have for the organization. Second, my involvement in the Meetings Industry Council has convinced me that speakers must be seen as "partners" with our clients, bureaus, and meetings industry colleagues. Third, being active in the Colorado chapter's leadership for many years has given me an appreciation for the challenges of running a successful chapter, especially in light of the new membership requirements. Fourth, I'm interested in determining how to recruit "experts who speak professionally" to advance the vision of NSA. Lastly, I am committed to working hard for NSA and contributing my own abilities as a leader and an organizational productivity expert.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Laura has been a member since 1994, and she earned her CSP in 2000. On the national level: Chair, Meetings Industry Council (MIC), 2003-2004; Regional Director, MIC, 2000-present; presenter, Convention and Workshops; presenter, Meet the Pros; contributor, Professional Speaker magazine. On the local level: President, NSA/Colorado, 2002; Chair, Meetings Industry Council of Colorado, 1998-2000; Director, NSA/Colorado 1999-2000; Chair, NSA/Colorado Speakers College 1998; Secretary and Programming Committee Chair, NSA/Colorado, 1997-1998.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Member, Colorado Human Resource Association; served as adjunct professor, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colo., Webster University in St. Louis, Mo., McKendree College in Ill., and Belleville Area College, Belleville, Ill.; wrote column for the Colorado Springs Business Journal; hosted weekly radio talk show on KXRE 1490 AM, Colorado Springs; Christian program volunteer and Sunday school teacher, Cherry Hills Community Church; Girl Scout Troop volunteer.

CAREER/EDUCATION: MBA, Organizational Management, BSBA, Marketing, University of Colorado; Fellow, Coro Foundation, Women in Leadership Program, 1994; some doctoral coursework completed in educational leadership innovation, University of Colorado, 1996-1997.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: In order for our members to have the competitive edge in the marketplace and make membership in the National Speakers Association a wise investment, we must support the efforts to brand NSA to people who can hire us. As a board member, I will continue to tap into the local efforts of our Meetings Industry Council and the international partnering NSA has done with folks in the Convention Industry Council, Meeting Professionals International, the International Association of Speaker Bureaus and Toastmasters. With our new membership requirements, we must continue to recruit professionals who should belong to NSA but either do not know the value it offers, or even that NSA exists. One of the toughest challenges for most of us is managing all aspects of the business from platform skills and accounting to professional relationships and marketing. I will continue to advocate our greatest retention and recruitment tool: NSA is the only professional association where people not only understand this competitive business but actually offer mentoring, strategic resources and support to achieve success.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Linda has been a member since 1996, and she earned her CSP in 2003.On the national level: Chair, Meetings Industry Council (MIC), 2002-2003; Regional Director, MIC, 2000-2002; member, President's Task Force for NSA State of the Industry; creator, MIC Moments e-zine; speaker, Workshops; speaker, Consultant's Lab; speaker, Convention staff session, meeting partnership and meeting planners sessions; contributor, Professional Speaker magazine; People Mover; Session Host. On the local level: Member, Board of Directors, MIC Chair, Member of the Year, President's Award recipient, Chapter speaker, Authorship and Meeting Industry Days facilitator, Apprenticeship Program speaker; Mentor/Mentee Program graduate, NSA/North Texas.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Board member, Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management Program of Richland College; member, Meetings Industry Council D/FW; member, Nominating Committee, MPI D/FW; Spirit Award Winner; President's Award Winner, MPI D/FW; member SHRM, MPI and State Bar of Texas. Past President, 6 year Board member, Metrocrest Social Services; Past Legal Counsel and Board member, Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce; graduate, Leadership Metrocrest and Power Pipeline of Leadership Texas; Chair, Dallas Young Lawyers Awards Committee; President, Women in Law.

CAREER/EDUCATION: Doctor of Jurisprudence, Texas Tech School of Law ; BA, Broadcast Journalism, Texas Tech University; Basic and Advanced Mediation Training, Mediators Institute; Negotiation & Dispute Resolution, University of Houston's AA White Institute; Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation, Teaching Organizations to Negotiate; ToPS-Facilitation; CORE MAP-Certified Facilitator.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I have been a full-time professional speaker since 1988. I derive my entire income from speaking and related services. Therefore, I understand the importance of having a strong professional association that helps people like me continuously learn and grow. As a Board member, I will commit myself to helping my professional counterparts build sustainable businesses-and incomes. My influence will be used to support the "Spirit of Cavett," and further promote NSA as the unquestioned Voice of the Speaking Profession, while providing ever-increasing educational value for NSA members.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Phil has been a member of NSA since 1988, and he earned his CSP in 1993. On the national level: Current Member of Finance Committee; Liaison, Chapter Leadership Council; presenter, Convention and Workshops; member, Member Services Committee; Vice Chair, Western Workshop 2002; Column Coordinator, "Ideas that Work" column, Professional Speaker magazine, 2002-2003. On the local level: President, Board Member and Program Chair, Chapter Member of the Year in 1999, NSA/North Florida.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Member, Princeton/Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce; member, Princeton Rotary Club; Ocala/Marion County Small Business Person of the Year for 2000.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BS in Marketing Management from Murray State University; Masters in Business Administration, Nova University; Founder, Business Leadership Academy.

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