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NSA 2004 Board Candidates

Emory Austin, CSP, CPAE, ::  Kristin Arnold, MBA, CPF, CMC, CSP  ::  Frank Bucaro, CSP, CPAE  ::  Valerie Cade Lee  ::  Steve A. Epner, CSP  ::  Mark A. LeBlanc  ::  Mark E. Mayberry  ::  Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE  ::  Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC  ::  Alan R. Zimmerman, PhD, CSP, CPAE

Charlotte, NC 

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION:Because of my long history with, and love for, NSA, I can offer a melding of speaking as a business venture with speaking as a personal calling. I offer business knowledge with a strong philosophy for celebrating the more intangible aspects of this Association. Not only are we professionals who speak, we are also mission-oriented communicators who simply love "the privilege of the platform" and use the best skills, resources and talents we have to perfect style, impact, flair, and humor! This balance would be a paramount focus for me as we work together to meet the needs of each member of our wonderfully and increasingly diverse Association.

NSA ACTIVITIES:Emory has been a member of NSA since 1983. She earned her CSP in 1994 and was awarded a CPAE in 1999. On the national level:Past Chair, Ethics Committee; General Session Presenter, Western Workshop, 1998; current member, CPAE Leadership Council; Concurrent Session Presenter at several Workshops and Conventions. On the local level: Past Board member, NSA/Carolinas; Chapter Member of the Year, 1998-1999.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES:Active in Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure; book club discussion leader.

CAREER/EDUCATION:BA, Writing and Philosophy/Psychology, Wake Forest University; member, Phi Beta Kappa.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I am personally committed to the supportive, inclusive spirit of Cavett and ensuring a high level of professionalism in all our activities. As a professional facilitator and consultant on strategic and process issues, I bring a dozen years of business experience and expertise to the Board. Over the past several years, the NSA Board has made some significant strategic decisions to "raise the bar" on membership and educational programming. As the organization transitions and adapts to these changes, I am keenly interested in making sure NSA stays focused on our mission, continues to provide outstanding member value and benefits and generates positive brand recognition in the marketplace.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Kristin has been a member of NSA since 1999 and she earned her CSP in 2002. On the national level: Founding member, Facilitators Professional Experts Group (PEG), 2000-present; Chair and Newsletter Editor, Facilitators PEG, 2001-2002; reporter and contributor, Voices of Experience, 2003-2004; contributor, Professional Speaker magazine; Director, Professional Development Labs, 2003-2005; presenter, Meet the Pros, 2003; presenter, Educational Labs, 2000 and 2003; presenter, Eastern and Western Workshops, 2002; Chat Room Facilitator, Western Workshop, 2002; presenter, Convention, 2001 and 2003. On the local level: Member NSA/VA since 1997; President, 2001-2002; Vice President, 2000-2001; Chair, Fast Track Program, 2002-2003; Chapter Member of the Year, 2001 and 2002; President's Award recipient, 2000; also a member of NSA/DC since 2002.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Past President, Downtown Hampton Development Partnership, 2001-2002; Board member, American Red Cross, Hampton Roads Chapter, 1998-2001; member, International Association of Facilitators (IAF); member, Institute of Management Consultants (IMC); served in United States Coast Guard (active in reserve) for more than 20 years.

CAREER/EDUCATION: Graduate, United States Coast Guard Academy; MBA, Marketing, St. Mary's College; Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), International Association of Facilitators, 2002; Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Institute of Management Consultants, 2002; qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 1999; Certified Professional Consultant to Management (CPCM), National Bureau of Certified Consultants, 1999.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I hope to provide creative views and solutions to how the Board and NSA can continue to position itself not only to the chapters, but to the marketplace as well. My background and education in critical decision-making, ethics and moral theology will provide a springboard to help me "see" and respond to issues from a different perspective. I hope to bring to the Board and NSA enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to do what I can for the betterment of the Association.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Frank has been a member of NSA since 1986. He earned his CSP in 1994 and was awarded a CPAE in 1997. On the national level: Convention Chair, 2003; Eastern Workshop Co-Chair, 1998-1999; Chair, Professional Speaker magazine Editorial Advisory Committee, 1999-2000; general session presenter, Workshop, 1994 and 1996; Chair, Ethics Committee, 1998-1999. On the local level: President, NSA/IL, 1992-1993; current Board member, NSA/IL.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: President, Pine Court Condo Association, Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Past President and Board member, Bartlett Center for Disabled Children; Strategic Planning Consultant, St. Thomas More Parish, Elgin, Illinois.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BA, History/Theology, Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois; MA, Religious Studies, Mundelein College (now Loyola University).
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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: Serving in leadership roles within the International Federation, both with NSA and as National President of CAPS, has given me insight into not only where the industry is going but discernment in terms of overall leadership in getting there. As CSP Task Force Committee Chair in 2003, I worked with others to create many business models from which to apply for the CSP without sacrificing the designation, to include more experts who speak professionally. The process by which we tackle larger issues is going to be critical in terms of creating marketplace presence for all speakers.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Valerie has been a member of NSA since 1996 and earned her CSP in 2001. On the national level: National President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) 2002; member, CSP Leadership Council, 2002-2004, Chair, CSP Leadership Council, 2004-2005; Camp NSA Leadership Team, 2003-2005. On the local level: Founding Board member, CAPS/Calgary, 1997; President, CAPS/Calgary, 1997-1998.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Member, Chuck Wagon Professional Womens Group; Faculty Advisory Council, University of Manitoba; Coach, Special Olympics; Fundraiser for Calgary Homeless.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BRS (Bachelor of Recreational Studies), Children with Disabilities, University of Manitoba; completed 4-5 MBA Harvard courses; CEO, Custom Learning Systems, (10 years).

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: As the economy changes, it is more important than ever that our members have benchmarking data and "best practices" information to assist in the management of their businesses. My goal will be to increase and improve the amount and quality of the information available. Just as important, we need to provide education to the very talented members who may not know how to apply this information to improve their operations. Speaking is a business just like any other and management skills are as critical as performance skills to be able to maintain a successful career.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Steve has been a member of NSA since 1995 and earned his CSP in 2000. On the national level: Presenter, Meet the Pros; presenter, Workshops; contributor, Professional Speaker magazine, PEG newsletters; member, Facilitators PEG; coordinator of vendor booths, National Convention; member of various committees. On a local level: Treasurer, Program Chair, President, Past President, NSA/St. Louis; advisor to other Chapter Presidents; presenter and worked behind the scenes to assist with many other programs, including a combined directory, with the Kansas City Chapter.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Founder (1976), Executive Director, Board member, President, Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA); advisor to the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association; founding member, EDI Coalition of Associations; founder, Distribution Solutions Council, 2001; advisor, Arc of St. Louis, Shaare Emeth, Jewish Community Centers Association, St. Louis Times newspaper; have published chapters in three books for non-profit organizations.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BS, Purdue University; started a consulting practice called User Group in 1976, User Group merged with the accounting firm of Brown Smith Wallace L.L.C. in 1994, now have two offices with more than 120 employees.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: To share any wisdom, insights, strategies and ideas that may help my NSA colleagues advance in the business of professional speaking and join our leaders in strengthening the Association for the next 100 years.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Mark has been a member since 1983. On the national level: NSA committee positions have included: Strategic Planning; Editorial Advisory Board; 1996 Convention Planning; coordinator, Staff Track, 1996; Chair, Western Workshop, 2000; Chair, Convention and Workshop Programming Committee, 2002; NSA Treasurer, 2003-2004. On the local level: Current member, NSA/MN and NSA/San Diego; NSA/MN created the Mark LeBlanc Award for Outstanding Service; spoken to several NSA chapters around the country.

CAREER/EDUCATION: Business owner since the age of 22. Currently runs Small Business Success and The Achievers' Circle, based in La Jolla, California.

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MARK E. MAYBERRY - Woodstock, GA

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: I feel that the speaking industry is currently facing tremendous challenges more than I have seen since I joined NSA in 1990. I understand what it takes to grow and leverage a successful business. As President of Fashion Connection, I took the company from zero to $7 million in annual sales in less than five years. With my strong business background, I will be able to effectively contribute a unique perspective to the major economic and leadership challenges that face NSA.

Like most NSA members, I do not have my CSP. However, like you, I take this profession very seriously. It's my full-time career. I have served the Georgia chapter of NSA in various leadership positions. At the national level, I am currently the Vice Chair of the 2004 NSA National Convention. In addition, I was Vice Chair of two Eastern Workshops and Chair of NSA's Motivational PEG. I am ready, willing and able to serve as a national Director, which will allow me to help all NSA Members to build on Cavett's vision and strengthen our industry's growth and recognition.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Mark has been a member of NSA for 14 years. On the national level: Vice Chair, National Convention, 2004; Vice Chair, Eastern Workshop, 2000, 2002; Presenter, Chapter programs in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama and Florida; Chair, Motivational PEG, 1998-1999. On the local level: Co-Chair of NSA/GA's "Professional Speakers Day" event. Served three terms on the Board of NSA/Georgia.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Member, Georgia Chapter of MPIs Committee for Harvest Gala, three years (selling corporate sponsorships and raising thousands of dollars for the charity); Co-chaired the event in 1997.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BS, Accounting, Northern Illinois University.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: With our diversified membership, the challenges of a maturing industry and the need to create an inclusive Association, I believe I bring value through the questions I ask, my willingness to celebrate but not be constrained by the past and my action-orientation. I also offer facilitation skills to develop the synergy of a team melded around a powerful vision. As a solid wordsmith, I find that I can both write and articulate the diverse sentiments around a table and help us reach closure and/or next steps. Lastly, members and strategic partners tell me that I offer a strong personal presence to the platform and in representing the Association. As a side bar: I'm also good for "comic relief."

NSA ACTIVITIES: Eileen has been a member since 1984. She earned her CSP in 1992 and was awarded a CPAE in 1994. On the national level: Vice Chair and later Chair, Seminar Leaders PEG; Hospitality Chair, Western Workshops (multiple times); member, CSP Committee; member, Bureau/Speaker Research Task Force; Chair, Western Workshop, 1996; CPAE Board of Governors; Chair, National Convention,1999; presenter, various Workshops and Conventions; member, NSA National Board of Directors 2001-present; Chair, Legacy Leaders Task Force. On the local level: I have traveled to many chapters to present programs (Georgia, Houston, Austin, D.C., Portland, Northern CA, Greater LA Chapter; San Diego, Wisconsin, Chicago, Seattle, Massachusetts, Minnesota).

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: American Society of Training and Development; National Board of Take Back Your Time Day Initiative.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BA, Speech Communication, University of Florida; Post-graduate work, University of California, Irvine; former certified Teacher (K-12); certified in Carlson Learning/Inscape Publishing products; former association with Blanchard Training & Development; continually taking courses in various subject matters related to communications and work/life issues.

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PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: Having served on the Board for three years, I'm told I offer the contribution of being willing to voice dissenting views, which reflect the situations of many NSA members. I would like to continue to bring the perspective of many of our members to the decisions that are made at the Board and create viable, effective execution plans to accomplish what is in the best interest of our members and the organization. Having published SpeakerNet News for more than eight years, I have an unparalleled view of what our members want and don't want, as well as what their challenges are. I'd continue to bring that perspective to NSA's leadership to help the organization and its members thrive. I want to focus on offering our members the skills they need to succeed in this changing business.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Rebecca has been a member since 1983 and earned her CSP in 1993. On the national level: NSA Treasurer, appointed for 2004-05; Board Executive Committee, 2003-2004; Chair, CSP Council, 2003-2004; Presidents Distinguished Service Award Recipient, 2003 and 1999; Chair, Members Selling to Members Task Force, 2002-present; Chair, Board Customer Service Task Force, 2002-2003; Board member 2001-present; Lab Programming Director, 2001-2003; member, Professional Development Council, 2001-2003; member, Finance Committee, 2000-2002; Chair, Technology Lab, 2001; member, Technology Advisory Board, 1998-1999, 1994-1995; Technology Editor, Professional Speaker Magazine,1996-1997; Chair, Professional Education Council, 1995-1996; Competency Reporter, Voices of Experience,1995-1996; member, Convention Committee; Chair, Convention Logistics; Chair, Master Coaches,1994-1995; member, CSP Council, 1993-1996; member, Strategic Planning Resource Committee,1993-1995; National Chair, National Professional Speakers Day, 1991-1992. On the local level: Member, NSA/NC Strategic Planning Committee, 1999-2000; NSA/NC Patricia Fripp Leadership Award 1998; member, NSA/NC Referral Committee, 1997-present; Chair, NSA/NC Referral Committee,1994-95; Founder and Co-Chair, NSA/NC Speakers Mac Users Group,1993-1996; member, NSA/NC Program Committee, 1993-1994; NSA/NC Member of the Year, 1991; Co-Chair, NSA/NC National Professional Speakers Day,1990-1991; Chair, NSA/NC Masters Group,1990; Chair, NSA/NC Directory,1986.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Chapter member, ASTD Silicon Valley, 1984-present; Institute of Management Consultants, 1998-present; Founder and Executive Director, Books for Treats, 2000-present; member, International Society of Performance and Instruction, 2000-2002; Program Committee, ASTD Silicon Valley Chapter, 1999; Chair, Campaign Training and Development, United Way of Silicon Valley, 1993-1995; Training Chair, ASTD National Conference Volunteers, 1991; Exhibit Chair, Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators Conference, 1990; Program Co-Chair, ASTD Region 8, 1989; Chapter Vice President, Programs, ASTD Silicon Valley, 1987; Chapter Vice President, Communications, ASTD Silicon Valley, 1986; President, Assn. Of Executive Saleswomen, 1985; President, Santa Cruz County Businesswomen9s Network, 1980-1982.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BA, Social Communications, University of California, Santa Cruz. Earned both the CSP and CMC designation, the 15th person in the world to earn both designations. Attend more than 200 hours of professional education each year.

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Prior Lake, MN

PROPOSED PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: NSA has done an outstanding job of reinforcing the professionalism and enhancing the platform skills of its members. And NSA has become an Association of highly gifted, highly trained speakers who are hopefully experts in their field.

However, too many people forget that professional speaking is a "business" and has to be treated that way. The surveys show that way too many of our members make a very poor or very modest salary. If we are an Association of "experts," it should not and cannot be that way. Our members should be well compensated.

If elected, my focus will be on the "business" of speaking. Too many times we hear from those who look or sound good on the platform, but they may or may not be making a respectable income in this "business." I want to make sure our members hear from those who are highly successful in this business and have the numbers to prove it. And I want to make sure our members have a chance to learn from those professional speakers.

NSA ACTIVITIES: Alan has been a member of NSA since 1986. He earned his CSP in 1992 and was awarded a CPAE in 2003. On the national level: Two-time member, CSP Council; presenter, Convention, 2002 (his program was selected as one of the CDs included in NSA's best-selling series on marketing); member, Master Speakers International. On the local level: Presented at several NSA chapter meetings; has mentored several beginning speakers who are now full-time professional speakers.

SERVICE ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES: Actively involved in church leadership positions for several years; donates a specific portion of his speaking fees to charities each year.

CAREER/EDUCATION: BA, Speech and Political Science, University of Wisconsin; MA, Speech Communication and Sociology, University of Minnesota; PhD, Speech Communication and Psychology, University of Minnesota. Taught for 15 years at the university level, receiving the "Outstanding Faculty Award" by two different universities. Two-time recipient of the "Distinguished Faculty Award" from the Institute for Management Studies. Full-time speaker since 1985, delivering more than 2,000 full-fee programs during that time.

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