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Professional Speaker® Magazine
Advertising in Professional Speaker magazine is a sure way to reach an influential niche of 4,000 professional speakers every month. By teaming up with us, you also get to enjoy the respect and stature that our professional association has earned during its rich history. As the voice of the National Speakers Association, Professional Speaker® provides the latest trends and information for its 4,000 members.  Professional Speaker covers the news and events of the speaking industry in 10 exciting issues each year. This is the perfect opportunity to get your message into the hands of these professional speakers, who use a wide variety of products and services, including travel and small-business products. Our members are your target audience for travel arrangements, audio-visual equipment, publishing, marketing services and office management, just to name a few.

Ad Specifications

All ads must meet measurements listed below. Ads that do not meet these requirements will be returned to advertiser for resizing at advertiser's expense.

  Page Unit Width Depth Page Unit Width Depth
  Full 7 1/2" 10" 1/3 vert 2 3/8" 10"
Full bleed 8 5/8" 11 1/4" 1/3 sqr 4 7/8" 4 3/4"
2/3 vert 4 7/8" 10" 1/6 vert 2 3/8" 4 3/4"
2/3 horz 7 1/2" 6 1/4" 1/6 horz 4 7/8" 2 3/8"
1/2 horz 7 1/2" 4 3/4" 1/12 sqr 2 3/8" 2 1/4"

Production Specifications

Printing: 80-pound coated sheet. Saddle-stitched. 150-line screen recommended.

Black-and-White One-piece negative, right-reading, emulsion-side down.

Spot Color: Two negatives, one for black plate, one for color, right-reading, emulsion-side down. A color proof representing color placement.

Four Color: Complete composite separations, right-reading, emulsion-side down. Color proofs are required. Highlight tones should be 3% to 98%, mid-tones should be relatively open with a maximum shadow density of 340%.

Non-Member Advertising Rates (per insertion)

  Ad Size 1X 3X 7X 10X
  Full $900 $860 $770 $690
2/3 690 660 600 535
1/2 570 545 490 440
1/3 450 430 390 345
1/6 305 290 265 230

Member Advertising Rates (per insertion)

  Ad Size 1X 3X 7X 10X
  Full $630 $600 $535 $480
2/3 480 460 400 370
1/2 400 380 340 305
1/3 315 300 275 240
1/6 210 200 180 160

Color Rates

Add the following amounts for color for any size ad unit to the advertising rates shown above.

Four-Color Process: $490
Spot Color: $290 (includes 1 PMS ink)

Four-Color Process: $340
Spot Color: $200 (includes 1 PMS ink)

Notes: Color charges are not commissionable. Frequency rates do not apply to color charges. PMS inks are subject to availability.

Guaranteed/Preferred Positions

An extra 15 percent is computed on applicable rate of space only, minimum size 1/3 page. Such positions are subject to the approval of the National Speakers Association.

Copy and Contract Regulations

Payments and Commissions
Payment in full must accompany all advertisements not under frequency contract.   Fifteen percent commission allowed to recognized and accredited advertising agencies on space only.

Advertising Acceptance
All advertising is accepted subject to the approval of the National Speakers Association. Advertisements are accepted and published upon the representation that the agency and/or advertiser is authorized to publish the entire contents and the subject matter of the advertisement. The agency and/or advertiser will indemnify and hold the National Speakers Association harmless from any loss or expense resulting from claims or suits for defamation, libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, unfair competition, unfair trade practice, or infringement of trademarks, trade names or patents.

Advertising Responsibility
Submission of advertisements is the responsibility of the advertiser. Advertisement from last insertion will be run if new advertisement is not received by closing date.

Rate Policy
All contracts and insertion orders are subject to approval by the National Speakers Association. Advertising will be at the open rate unless a contract has been submitted for specific frequency rate and time period. Frequency discounts are determined by the number of issues used or by the number of insertions of distinctly separate advertisements in a given issue within a 12-month period. Contracts must be fulfilled to earn scheduling discounts. Contracts canceled before completion will be rebilled at the actual earned rate. Notice of cancellation of an advertisement or a change in its schedule must be received in writing at National Speakers Association headquarters before closing date. Ads canceled past this deadline will be billed 100 percent.

Limitation of Liability
The National Speakers Association will not be liable for any error in any advertisement published hereunder. Agencies and advertisers forwarding orders that contain incorrect rates or conditions agree that the advertising called for will be inserted and charged at the regular schedule of rates now in force and, in accordance with the current price or rules, will be regarded only as a clerical error, and the advertising will be inserted without further notification. The National Speakers Association is not liable for any failure to publish or circulate all or any part of any issue because of circumstances beyond its control. The National Speakers Association reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position commitment at any time. Positioning requests will be considered but not guaranteed unless accompanied by 15 percent additional positioning fee.

Closing dates for insertion orders and mechanical materials are the 1st of the month two months preceding the cover month. For example, the deadline for the September issue is July 1.

Only plate-ready materials will be accepted. The National Speakers Association has no facilities to perform production services. Material must measure exactly as indicated on the Rate Card. Any variation from specified dimensions will not be accepted. Final reproduction quality contingent on materials furnished. All materials will be destroyed one year after final run unless specific written instructions are otherwise provided. All insertion orders are accepted subject to provision of current Rate Card. Rates are subject to change without notice. Contract rate protection will remain in effect for a period of 90 days from announcement. The National Speakers Association shall not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason it fails to publish an advertisement. It is clearly understood and agreed that advertising and editorial are independent and that no special editorial consideration of any kind shall be part of the sales agreement.

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