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In 1997, the U.S.-based National Speakers Association (NSA) became a partner in the formation of an umbrella organization created to support the growing importance of the speaking profession globally. By making its resources available to existing international associations for professional speakers, NSA is able to enhance the value of those association memberships; encourage the formation of new associations for professional speakers; and set the benchmark for platform excellence worldwide.

Federation members believe that the growth of the speaking profession is best served by continually enhancing the talent, ethics and business acumen of individual speakers. The Federation is a mechanism of affiliation through which independent associations for professional speakers around the world can collectively serve these interests by providing their members with greater access to professional education materials and access to one another's educational programs.

The Boards of Directors of the first four Federation member countries-Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States-approved the formation of the Federation in July 1997. The Federation officially launched in January 1998.

"NSA has cemented its position as a preeminent resource in the speaking profession worldwide." Says founding chair of the Federation Executive Council, Warren Evans, CSP. "The Federation has extended the reach of NSA's printed and audio publications, which are now being enjoyed by hundreds of additional speakers in member associations. At the same time, strong, independent national associations in other countries evidence the maturing significance of our business. The Federation creates numerous opportunities to enhance professionalism, grow markets and improve businesses."

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