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NSA Chapters: The Heart of NSA

The NSA chapters are clear indicators of the growth and change the Association has undergone in its 31-year history.

NSA was incorporated in July 1973 by a small group of entrepreneurial speakers who wanted to create a forum for sharing ideas on how to succeed in the speaking business. As membership grew from 80 members in 1973 to 1,620 members in 1980, the NSA Board of Directors adopted new bylaws enabling the Association to charter local and/or regional chapters of NSA.

NSA's first 10 chapters were officially chartered at the 1981 Convention: The Arizona Speakers Association; the Florida Speakers Association; the Georgia Speakers Association; the Greater Los Angeles Chapter; the National Capital Speakers Association; the North Texas Speakers Association; NSA of Indiana; NSA of Northern California; Ohio Speakers Forum; and Wisconsin Professional Speakers Association.

Today, NSA boasts 36 chapters. "The formation and growth of the NSA chapters have had substantial impact on NSA," says NSA Executive Vice President Stacy Tetschner, CAE.

"NSA chapters provide a great opportunity for professional and aspiring speakers to meet locally on a regular basis," says Tetschner. "The chapters are a tremendous asset to NSA in creating the basis of our membership."

Beverly Babb, NSA's Director of Member Services, says chapter members comprise approximately 50 percent of NSA's membership. Babb reports, "When we survey new members, they consistently rate chapters as one of the top benefits of NSA. Their sense of connection with NSA often comes through their local organization."

NSA is dedicated to advancing the success of the chapters. To accomplish this goal, the Association has established a Chapter Leadership Council, a Chapter Leadership program and a new chapter leadership training camp: Camp NSA.
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