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Chapter Leadership Programs

The Chapter Leadership Council is made up of 12 Chapter Liaisons, who are past chapter presidents recognized for their outstanding leadership qualities. Each Liaison is appointed to a three-year term and serves two to four chapters in their region. The Liaisons serve as a resource of support and guidance to chapters.

The Liaisons are also responsible for Chapter Leadership programming at NSA's Workshops and Conventions. Chapter Leadership sessions give chapter members and chapter leaders an opportunity to exchange information and ideas relevant to chapter development and growth.

"Whenever we gather for a NSA Workshop or Convention, we provide top-quality leadership programming to chapter members and all those who are registered to attend the Workshop or Convention," says Linda Blackman, a past Chapter Leadership Council Chair. "Members benefit greatly by developing leadership skills that they need to be more successful in their businesses and in their chapters."

Camp NSA

In 1998 the NSA Board of Directors approved funds for a chapter leadership training camp -- a session designed to hone the leadership skills of chapter president-elects. In November 1998 NSA's International Center located in Tempe, Arizona hosted the first-ever Camp NSA.

Camp NSA is designed to bring together committed volunteer chapter leaders and centralize their experience with NSA's Board of Directors, national leadership team and NSA headquarters staff. The mission is to create a strong relationship that strengthens communication, increases cooperation and heightens the experience that the individual member has in the regional or local chapter environment. Incoming chapter presidents will learn invaluable leadership and association management tools and discover opportunities to serve at the national level.

2001 NSA Convention Leadership Programming Info

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