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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often is Professional Speaker magazine published?

A: Professional Speaker is published ten times a year. It is a monthly publication with two combined issues: January/February and July/August.

Q: How do I get an article published in Professional Speaker?

A: Visit the NSA Web site, access the Professional Speaker area, read the editorial guidelines, print the "Unsolicited Article Cover Sheer" and fill it out. Remember to gear your article towards one of the Eight Competencies or one of our Departments such as Sales, Technology, etc., and submit the article by mail, fax or e-mail to Publications Manager, Cecile Blaine-Duhnke.

Q: I want to receive VOE on tape rather than CD-ROM. How can I make that change?

A: E-mail the request to [email protected] or [email protected]

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Q: Do I need to send a separate registration form for each person I register for NSA meetings?

A: Yes. Each registrant needs to submit a separate registration.

Q: How do I become a presenter at an NSA meeting?

A: To become a presenter at the NSA Workshops or Convention, you must submit the Call for Proposal form that is sent from NSA Headquarters 10-12 months prior to the meeting. The Programming Committee, made up of the President, Convention Chair, Eastern Workshop Chair, Western Workshop Chair and Competency Chair, review the entire collection of proposals and make their selection.

Q: How do I become a Meet the Pro at an NSA meeting?

A: To be considered for a Meet the Pro position, call or write NSA Headquarters expressing this interest. The first people to be asked to be Pros are CSPs and CPAEs. The remaining candidates are chosen by The Meet the Pros Chair.

Q: How do I become a volunteer at an NSA meeting?

A: There are generally two types of volunteer positions available at NSA meetings: Session Hosts and People Movers. To receive more information about these opportunities, call NSA Headquarters to get the contact information for the Session Host Chair or People Mover Chair and communicate your interest to them.

Q: How do I become an advertiser?

A: NSA offers many opportunities to advertise such as:

    • Professional Speaker .: Monthly publication published ten times a year and read by more than 4,000 members, over 600 individual subscribers, 1,200 prospective members of NSA and 1,000 other professional speakers from around the world.
    • Who's Who in Professional Speaking: The Meeting Planner's Guide . : NSA's membership directory, distributed to 4,000 NSA members as well as 4,000 meeting professionals.
    • MarketPlace NSA: Exhibit booths are available at NSA's National Convention of 2,000+ attendees.
    • MarketPlace NSA Online: Members only online resource for speakers service providers.
    • Sponsorship Program: Take an integrated approach, utilizing a variety of marketing tools: print advertising, direct mail, convention tradeshow exposure and creative means for reinforcement.

To find out more information about NSA advertising opportunities, call NSA at (480)968-2552.

Q: How do I become an exhibitor at the NSA Convention?

A: The annual NSA Convention offers exhibiting opportunities targeted at professional speaking professionals. If you feel you have a service that would benefit NSA's 2,000+ attendees, call NSA at (480)968-2552 or click on "Advertising and Sponsorship."

Q: Are there any financial assistance programs available that would help me attend an NSA meeting?

A: Yes, NSA has established a grant program to assist NSA members who are not otherwise able to afford the full cost of professional development and continuing education through attendance at NSA's educational meetings. A Link to the application and guidelines can be found on the Web site at or call NSA Headquarters at (480) 968-2552 and ask for information about the grant.

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Professional Expert Groups (PEG)

Q: Can I join more than one Professional Expert Group (PEG)?

A: Yes, NSA members can join as many as they want at a cost of $20 per PEG.

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Center For Professional Development, Tempe, AZ.

Q: Can I rent the Center for Professional Development at NSA Headquarters?

A: Yes, the Center for Professional Development is available for rental to NSA members on a first available basis. Designed for meetings up to 145, the Center features two conference rooms, a registration area, tables, chairs and audio/visual equipment. Call NSA Headquarters at (480) 968-2552 to check on availability.

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Certified Speaking Professional Designation

Q: How do I earn my CSP?

A: When you have been an NSA member for 3 consecutive years, you can qualify for your CSP by providing five years of information including:

    • A minimum of 100 clients
    • 250 presentations
    • 10 client testimonial letters
    • 32 NSA education credits
    • Average income of $50,000 per year and a $250,000 income over five consecutive years

More information about earning a CSP and the application is available online at

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Member Profile Updates

Q: After I enter the member center and click edit my profile, my information is listed, but I cannot change it. Why?

A: Your profile is divided into sections; Personal information, address information, email information, etc. Next to each heading is a link labled edit, clicking on this will bring you to a new page where you add or delete information. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save/Exit.

Q: Why does my promotional sentence cut off even though I counted 130 words?

A: 130 characters means any key stroke, which includes spaces and punctuation. Keep in mind you can use the 300 word bio to elaborate more about yourself.

Q: What is a 300 word bio?

A: The 300 word bio is a chance for you to elaborate more on your expertise. This is only available on the website and will not be printed in the directory.

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Academy for Professional Speaking

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