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Welcome to the National Speakers Association's virtual meeting place!

As the leading organization for experts who speak professionally, NSA provides resources and education to advance the skills, integrity and value of its members and the speaking profession.

Unique Resource for Meeting Professionals:
NSA is standing by to meet your needs if your speaker can't get to your meeting location. Don't panic! Our members can meet your needs in the event of an interruption of national travel services. Go to the Find a Speaker area of this Web site and search by city and/or state. You'll be able to find a number of qualified speakers within driving distance to help you meet your audience's expectations.

As a service to meeting planners and business professionals, NSA continues to “raise the bar” of standards to which it holds it members and administers a certification program to help ensure quality professional speakers. NSA offers advice on how to find, select, work with, promote and evaluate professional speakers.

Find a Speaker
Connect to more than 4,000 qualified experts in NSA's searchable online directory! Browse tips and tools for finding and working with speakers.

Why Hire a CSP?
The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill. CSP is conferred only on those who have earned it by meeting strict criteria. The letters CSP following a speaker’s name indicate a speaking professional with proven experience who understands what is required and knows how to deliver client satisfaction.

Meeting Planner Resources
Connect to the information you need to maximize the success of your meeting. You’ll find tips for finding the right speaker, information on complying with intellectual property laws, negotiating speaker agreements, promoting your meeting and much more!

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