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Competency Connection
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These educational manuals concentrate on the eight NSA professional competencies. Each of the three available manuals contain past Professional Speaker magazine articles written on a particular competency. Articles are organized into subtopics so you can easily access the information and find exactly what you're looking for in one convenient location.

In the near future, additional competency series will be made available for you to add to your collection. Manuals are currently sold to members for only $35 each or $90 for all three plus shipping and handling or to non-members for $50 per manual $130 for all three plus shipping & handling.

To order your Competency Connection series manual(s) today, complete and submit the online Competency Connection Order Form or contact our Products Coordinator at (480) 968-2552. Please call Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm, Mountain Standard Time.

Sales and Marketing Competency
The Sales and Marketing Competency deals with developing the business. It involves sales and marketing knowledge, skills and techniques to generate speaking engagements and expand the impact of speakers' messages through product sales. If mastery involves wisdom, and wisdom involves the capacity to make finer and finer distinctions to discover uniqueness, that's what mastering sales and marketing strategies is all about. Mastering this competency results in comprehensive sales and marketing strategies for speaking engagements and products.

Authorship and Product Development Competency
The Authorship and Product Development is the "extension" Competency. Speakers can extend themselves beyond the stage/platform through authorship and product development. Mastering the knowledge and skills of this Competency helps speakers successfully convert the messages of their speaking topics into marketable products. The Presenting and Performing Competency encompasses the theatrical and stage talents of speakers. It embodies the knowledge and skills of presenting/performing to communicate with the audience.

Platform Mechanics Competency
The Platform Mechanics Competency is the elements that can make or break the presentation/performance. It helps the speaker create a setting to successfully communicate what they are presenting. These two Competencies combined into one manual assist readers with all they need to know about room set-up, introductions, working with special audiences, the speakers role, and more.

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