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Each One, Reach One-- NSA's Member Recruitment Program

Each One, Reach One
NSA's Member Recruitment Program

What's in it for us?

The National Speakers Association's (NSA) membership campaign, Each One Reach One program, is the foundation and future of your professional association. Like your speaking business, NSA also depends on word-of-mouth referrals so the NSA community can continue to grow and provide its members with more value and opportunities to learn than ever before. After all, it is NSA members that make the NSA community so powerful. By reaching out and spreading the word of NSA to potential members, you multiply this power and the potential of NSA!

Randy Haveson

"When I go to conferences and meet other speakers, one of the first questions I ask is, 'Are you a member of NSA?' If they say no I make sure they know what they're missing! If they say yes, I feel like I have connected with a member of my family and I watch handshakes turn quickly into hugs."

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE
NSA President

"NSA exists to improve the art and value of experts who speak professionally.There are many experts who qualify that don't understand the value of NSA in advancing their businesses and we don't enjoy the benefits of their involvement. Each One Reach One is the classic win/win and will help NSA to continue to grow in both size and quality."

Kirk Weisler
New NSA Member

"I really didn't know much about NSA, why it would benefit me, or why I should join, until a member of NSA reached out to me two years ago. I had presented at a conference, which had just closed with a powerhouse keynote speaker. As an aspiring speaker myself, I remember thinking I needed to get my courage up and tell that keynoter what a great job he did. I never had teh chance because almost before I knew it, this speaker was approcahing me, complimenting me on my presentation skills and inviting me to join NSA, so I could, 'take it to the next level.' For the next eight months he called me with encouragement, coaching or just to see how I was doing. I did join NSA. Thank you to Mark Sanborn for reaching me."

Mindy Hurt
New NSA Member

"Joining NSA has given me a strong sense of community and an incredible network of aspiring mentors. Promoting my career has become so much easier since I realized I don't have to do it alone!"

Grand Prize
Recruit the most new members and be eligible to win the grand prize!*

  • 1 Round Trip Airline Ticket to Phoenix, Az
  • 1 2004 National Convention registration
  • Roundtrip Airport Transportation
  • 2 night stay at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Marriott
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride for two

*Disclaimer: Grand Prize must be used at the 2004 convention in Phoenix, Arizona.
*In the case of a tie for the Grand Prize, NSA reserves the right to hold a drawing for prizes of equal or lesser value.

Recruit and Win....Everytime!
Each time you successfully recruit a new professional member, you will be sent a $25 NSA certificate to be used towards NSA meetings.

But wait....there's more!
In addition to the meetings certificate, you will also receive an entry for each new professional member you recruit for a chance to win free registration to one NSA national meeting and Convention Cassettes Unlimited Package.

Your chapter also benefits!
When you recruit a new professional member, it not only goes to your own total for a chance at the grand prize, but it goes to the total for your chapter. The chapter with the most recruits by May 1st will receive recognition at the 2004 Convention and a fabulous prize!

Order Recruitment Materials
Order your recruitment materials and we'll send you applications, brochures, slide cards and business referral cards to give to prospective members. Hint: write your name on the referral line on their applications or be sure to tell them to include it when they send it in!

First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2

Contest Rules
1. Grand prize will be awarded to the member who recruits the most new members. In the event of a tie for the grand prize, NSA reserves the right to hold a drawing for prizes of equal or greater value.
2. Your prospective members must join NSA by May 1, 2004 for you to be eligible to win.
3. Participants are eligible to win only one prize and are eligible to be included in only one drawing.
4. All winners must be NSA members in good standing.

*In the case of a tie for the Grand Prize, NSA reserves the right to hold a drawing for prizes of equal or greater value.

Recruit new members by May 1, 2004 and be eligible to win.

The 2003-2004 Each One, Reach One Campaign is made possible through the help of the following generous sponsors. Their support is greatly appreciated.

JW Desert Ridge Marriott Resort and Spa
Convention Cassettes Unlimited
America West Airlines
Hot Air Expeditions

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