Speakers Lending Their Stories for Improved Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does TMIT endorse the speakers onSpeakerLink?
A: TMIT does NOT vet or recommend speakers on SpeakerLink. Anyone is able to subscribe and is automatically added to the site. We recommend that seekers conduct their own interviews with potential speakers prior to booking.

Q: Does SpeakerLink charge a fee for its services?
A: SpeakerLink is not involved in the payment or logistics of hiring speakers. It is part of TMIT's ongoing gift to the community.

Q: How can I find out about a speaker's fees, and how do I get in contact with a speaker if I am interested in inviting him or her to my event?
A: Please review the Speaker's profile page. Contact information is provided by the Speaker under the "Contact" tab. The Speaker can be reached directly to negotiate fees and to discuss the speaking engagement. TMIT, a non-profit organization, does not handle payment to speakers or any associated logistics involved in securing the speakers.

Q: Are there examples of past speaker presentations I can view?
A: Speakers are able to upload documents that may include transcripts or past speeches. Many speaker videos can also be viewed on the SpeakerLink section of TMIT's YouTube Channel. If you would like us to add your YouTube video to our channel, send the YouTube URL to [email protected].
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