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  Linda  Henley-Smith  

Member Type:  Professional Member

Company:  For The Good Times


  13219 N 8th Ave
     Phoenix, Arizona 85029
  United States

Metro Area:  Phoenix

Phone:  (800) 325-2844

FAX:  (602) 866-1934

email:  [email protected]

Expert Areas:   Humor, Motivation, Stress

Description:  Lose your big "but"(I'd be successful BUT-)The Laugh Lady uses props, music & fun to motivate & inspire. Reduce stress & conflict.

Bio:  A speaker, author and opera singer, Linda Henley-Smith provides an entertaining and educational outlook on working,living and surviving. She calls her company "For the Good Times" because she believes that we all deserve to have good times in life. Laughter is a FUNdamental part of every person's plan for success.

Linda has a BA and MA in education. She is the former editor of Agewave Magazine and she authors state histroy newspapers for use in classrooms across the country. Her books, "Adjust Your Attitude and Laugh 'til the Cows Come Home," "Humor Me...I'm a Teacher," and
"Here's To The Ladies Who Laugh" keep readers entertained and uplifted while learning practical hints about living life to the fullest.

Linda's keynotes, seminars and "playshops" encourage people to be the best they can be...personally and professionally, by maintaining an attitude of altitude.

Equally at home speaking to Fortune 500 executives or high school students, Linda takes her audiences on an emotional roller coaster ride from laughter to tears. Her programs are more than just speeches...they are life-changing events.

Books - Here's To The Ladies Who Laugh
Books - Adjust Your Attitude and Laugh 'til the Cows Come Home
Books - Humor Me...I'm a Teacher
Videos - Up Your Attitude!

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