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  Jack N. Singer  PhD

Member Type:  Professional Member

Company:  Psychologically Speaking With Dr. Jack Singer


  28 Westcliff
  Laguna Niguel, California 92677
  United States

Metro Area:  Orange County

Phone:  (800) 497-9880

FAX:  (949) 481-5027

email:  [email protected]

Expert Areas:   Humor, Motivation, Psychology

Description:  Hilarious, nationally renowned shrink will bring powerful, content-rich programs to your audience."Has couch...Will travel!”

Bio:  Why book Dr. Jack Singer? Simply, because he will absolutely make you look like a genius to your attendees! He will fulfill their needs to: FEEL IMPORTANT , be completely RELAXED throughout the presentation, be ENTERTAINED , while they learn powerful content that will CHANGE THEIR LIVES , be MOVED to put those skills into use immediately, and RETAIN those skills for the long run.

The "PATCH ADAMS OF PSYCHOLOGY" will show your attendees the "PRESCRIPTIONS TO PREVENT HARDENING OF THE ATTITUDES," regardless of the inevitable challenges they face in their lives. This world-renowned psychologist will teach them "POWERFUL RESILIENCY SKILLS FOR UNCERTAIN TIMES."

This FUNNY SHRINK will arm them with the "SEVEN SURE-FIRE SECRETS FOR SUCCESS OVER ANY STRESS." In short, they'll skyrocket their immune systems, by learning "HOW TO ADD LIFE TO THEIR YEARS AND YEARS TO THEIR LIFES."

And, to guarantee your attendees' LONG-TERM RETENTION of these powerful, life-altering nuggets, Dr. Jack offers his unprecedented bonus benefit: FREE COACHING, via phone or email, for all attendees, anytime up to six months following your conference! Where else can you find such a fabulous commitment to helping your audience make LASTING CHANGES?

"The most valuable presentation I have heard in the past 25 years...and so funny."
"I walked out with 10 more years of great ideas ."
"Jack's message grabs you by the collar and changes your life forever ."
"The most interesting, fact-filled and relaxing presentation I have ever heard! You didn't want to miss a minute of it!"
This is EXACTLY how your attendees will benefit when you book Dr. Jack to conduct a customized, cutting-edge, hilarious program for them. So, strap on your seatbelts and get ready for a wild and thrilling ride...PLEASE CALL DR. JACK SINGER AND BOOK HIM...TODAY!!

Books - Conquering Your Internal Critic, So You Can Sing Your Own Song
Tapes - How to Find the Cherries When Your Life Seems Like the Pits
Tapes - When Life Hands You Lemons, How You Can Make Lemonade
Tapes - Conquering Your Internal Critic, So You Can Sing Your Own Song
Tapes - Managing the Stresses in Your Life
Videos - JEST for the HEALTH of it: The FUNdamentals for Bringing Happiness and Success to Your Life
CDs - REMARKABLE RESILIENCE: Powerful Skills for Uncertain Times"

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