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Member Type:Professional Member

Company:Motivational Training Center


PO Box 540821
United States

Metro Area:Miami

Phone:(305) 759-7655

FAX:(305) 759-7656

email:[email protected]

Expert Areas: Customer Service, Leadership, Motivation

Description:Don't be a wishbone, achieve your goals! 'It's Time To Invest In Yourself' A powerful, motivating keynote or seminar.

Bio:Dr. M. Tina Dupree, the expert in motivational programs especially designed to inform, inspire, and leave a positive lasting impression. Her personal motto: “You’ve invested countless dollars and time in other things. Now it’s time to invest in yourself. “ Invest in yourself, the model from which she uses to present her interactive keynote speeches, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and seminar training programs. It includes nine powerful, proven, and practical strategies for a more successful, healthier, and happier life. Her easy-to-use steps can be implemented immediately. Tina is lovingly known internationally as ‘The Chicken Lady’ because of 12 years experience as spokesperson for a major fast food chicken restaurant chain. When she resigned from her corporate level position to start Motivational Training Center, the corporation contracted her as community spokesperson. As owner of Motivational Training Center she presents personal and professional development interactive keynote speeches, corporate training programs, and monthly seminars on Public Speaking, Professional Speaking, Customer Service, Leadership, and Training Trainers to Train. Dr. Dupree has authored three books and she is currently working on the book, “Room to Grow: The Doorway to achieving your True POTENTIAL! She is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and is currently NSA’s Liaison for Chapters in the State of Florida. Dr. Dupree served as 1999-2000 President of Florida Speakers Association, and is radio talk show host for Building Bridges on WMCU 89.7 FM in Miami and 101.9 in Palm Beach. In 2001 she received a special invitation by President George W. Bush to the White House for a special discussion on reforming education. As Founder of a non-profit organization, Professional Speakers Network, Inc., she has personally trained and certified more than 150 speakers. Fifty-one of them as a result of her training have written and published their own books.

Books - Hot T.I.P.S. on Public Speaking
Books - It's Time to Invest in Yourself: The Chicken Lady Speaks
Videos - Time to Stand and Deliver
Videos - How to Speak Locally and Get P.A.I.D.

Buyer's Guide Services: Coaches/Coaching, Consultants/Consulting, Training
Trainer, coach, and consultant on how to get hired as a speaker in your local area. Video, training manual, follow-up included.

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