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  F. Felicia  Ferrara  PhD

Member Type:  Professional Member

Company:  CEC Consultation & Evaluation Center


  220 E. Madison Street, Suite 1218
     Tampa, Florida 33606
  United States

Metro Area:  Tampa

Phone:  (813) 259-0303

FAX:  (813) 258-9383

email:  [email protected]

Expert Areas:   Communication, Inspirational, Motivation

Description:  Motivational, Inspirational, and Informative Presenter on innovative concepts to enhance life's quality.

Bio:  As the 2002-2003 Chair of the Health and Wellness PEG, Dr. Ferrara, is more than ready and eager to present helpful and inspiring words to your audience. Her expertise spans across all age groups and such overlapping disciplines as business, education and the social sciences. Don't settle for less, call this international speaker now.

Dr.Ferrara presents the most enlightening approaches to heighten self-awareness,sensitivity, and ultimate personal fulfillment. She motivates and empowers others to reach their highest potential. As speaker, facilitator, and trainor of adult learners, Dr. Ferrara's expertise spans across spiritual enlightenment as well as technological training for various computer softwares. She is the epitamy of East meets West.

Whether she speaks at corporate meetings or association gatherings, she will spellbound your audience with her refreshing delivery and innovative concepts.

Resources and product development catologues are available on request. In the meantime, ~ MAY ALL BE WELL IN YOUR WORLD ~

Books - Conquered Legacy A Healing Journey
Books - Childhood Sexual Abuse: Developmental effects across the lifespan
Books - Domestic Violence: In the Heat of the Moment
Videos - Screenplay-Conquered Legay
CDs - Conquered Legacy A Healing Experience
CDs - Anger Mangement for Men

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