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  Fred M. Rewey  

Member Type:  Professional Member

Company:  Diversified Investment Services


  7512 Dr. Phillps Blvd.
Suite 50-250
  Orlando, Florida 32819
  United States

Metro Area:  Orlando

Phone:  (407) 909-0872

FAX:  (407) 909-0826

email:  [email protected]

Expert Areas:   Creativity, Education, Motivation

Description:  Fred Rewey, seen weekly on television, travels the nation teaching people "How to Win the Cash War" and realize financial freedom.

Bio:  Few people have the energy, motivation, and speaking skills to make taking control of your financial destiny as enjoyable as Fred Rewey. With a presentation comprised of equal parts empowerment, education, and entertainment, Fred Rewey is one the most sought after speakers for 2002-2003. Whether being interviewed on television, speaking at your local conference or hosting the annual ACFA convention, Fred takes a personal interest in people always moving forward in their lives. Fred’s focus is on two areas: Make more on your way to retirement and retire with enough money to do what you want. Fred has often said, “Your life decisions should not be based on your finances.” Learn from Fred Rewey how to break the cycle and be one of the few individuals who live financially secure.

Books - Cigar Secrets

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