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Member Type:Professional Member

Company:TrainRight, Inc.


222 Samuel Dr
United States

Metro Area:Boston

Phone:(617) 680-2600

email:[email protected]

Expert Areas: Management, Stress, Time Management/Self-Management

Description:Dynamic training to eliminate self-created problems that impede productivity and developing mental toughness, focus and results.

Bio:Kevin Stacey, MBA, was a successful manager at the nation largest managed care company and guided his staff through the corporate integration following a multi-billion dollar. He developed creative methods to overcome workplace negativity and help the staff focus on work objectives and only the matters that were under their control. Now, he is an organizational consultant and corporate trainer who specializes in eliminating self-created problems and distractions that impede productivity and success developing the cognitive skills of focus, concentration, creative problem solving, and critical and positive thinking. He has and studied the effects of self-created problems in organizations and individuals along with the most effective antidotes to combat it. Drawing on his background as a hands-on healthcare clinician and managed care executive, Kevin has conveyed a stress-free philosophy to thousands of business professionals worldwide. He is a contributing author to the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” Stories book and author of the CD program “Mental Toughness: Manage the Clutter to Achieve Success and Peace of Mind.” His company, TrainRight Inc., is a professional education and consulting firm providing customized training programs, coaching initiatives, keynote presentations and group seminars. They assist their clients with individual effectiveness, conflict resolution, time management, stress management, team-building, professional and effective workplace communications, leadership development, coaching and feedback. They teach your employees them why change is critical and the practical skills needed to implement and sustain new behavior patterns. TrainRight has a proven record of helping organizations enhance their environment and productivity. They have worked with the world’s best and brightest to include IBM, Ford Motor Company, The New York Times, JP Morgan Chase, Pharmacia, Bayer, Goody Hair Care, and various government agencies. Their services help these and other clients achieve increased performance, higher employee retention, improved job satisfaction, and service quality.

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