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  Randy J. Austad  

Member Type:  Professional Member

Company:  The JobFit Institute


  7900 E Union Ave, Ste 1100
  Denver, Colorado 80237
  United States

Metro Area:  Denver

Phone:  (303) 773-3543

email:  [email protected]

Description:  Practical & humorous insights about understanding people in the workplace using assessment tools with better predictive validity.

Randy is a life long student of understanding people in the workplace and how that impacts the bottom line. He is able to live his passion because he has found his avocation. He is a model for the value of great job fit.

In his role as Executive VP for the world's largest mail order operation of its kind, Randy managed HR & operations for 500 employees. During his 15 years at Austad's Golf, the need for finding and keeping the right people for the right job became more than a passionate interest. This fascination led to an M.B.A. thesis in the mid nineties on Maximizing Human Capital by predicting success of people using profile assessments.

Randy is an assessment advocate and expert on assessing assessments. He is an avid promoter of the use of assessment tools to maximize human capital. Randy's passion has led him to become familiar with and trained to administer hundreds of psychometric tools available for business and is considered an expert by many. As a consultant, Randy has helped hundreds of organizations benefit by using assessments.

Randy's philosophy is simple: while no two people are exactly alike, each person will add the greatest value to an organization when there is a good fit. Randy believes in looking at the "whole" person (cognitive abilities, interests, values and personality).

Randy has given hundreds of presentations throughout North America and thrives on providing the best information available in a informative and entertaining way. Researching the best available facts and his sharing of information is outstanding.

Randy is a devoted husband & father of four beautiful daughters. He was the youngest two term State Senator in South Dakota (1986-1990) and is a former Seminarian.

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