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  Gary Lee Lawrence  

Member Type:  Professional Member

Company:  Gary Lawrence Seminars

  7955 E Chaparral Rd, Ste 35
     Scottsdale, Arizona 85250
  United States

Metro Area:  Phoenix

Phone:  (480) 423-1087

email:  [email protected]

Description:  Men & women in all areas of personal & professional life connect deeply w/ 25 yrs of leadership experience through warmth.

Bio:  HIS FAMILY: Gary and his wife Sylvia were married in 1967. They are the parents of two sons, Duane and Kevin and very proud grandparents to Duane and wife Linda's three daughters Ashley, Kayla and Taylor, and Kevin and wife Laurie's son Braydon. HIS FIELD: Gary is founder of three consulting companies - NEW LIFE DYNAMICS COUNSELING CENTER, a marriage,individual and family service; CORPORATE DYNAMICS, INC.,a management consulting and career guidance service; and GARY LAWRENCE SEMINARS, INC., through which he offers a broad spectrum of effective seminar and conference resources. HIS FORM: Gary is known as a masterful communicator whose presentation skills are second to none.His quick wit, personal warmth, and human interest stories convey his message in an entertaining, inspirational manner. Members of his audiences describe Gary as effective, practical,directive, warm- hearted and blessed with uncommon, common sense. Managers and business leaders in particular connect deeply with Gary, because, Gary has been there. HIS FOCUS: Gary excels in helping people understand themselves and other people in their environment. His ability to enable his audience to get beyond the surface conflicts in their lives, permits them to begin dealing with the underlying cause of their problems. Gary brings 23 years of counseling experience to every presentation. He is the author of the book "REJECTION JUNKIES" and just retired from a 20 year tenure as host of his own daily radio talk show,"LIFE MASTERY RADIO". One conference attendee remarked, "Whatever walls you may have built up, will be kicked down or at least rearranged. HIS FEAR: Gary is concerned that too many people merely go through life without experiencing a quality of life. Woven through the fabric of Gary's session is his urging to "take some time from making a living and make a life".

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