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Member Type:Federation Member


Metanoia House
9 Timothy Close
Norwich,EnglandNR1 4NG
United Kingdom

Metro Area:London

email:[email protected]

Expert Areas: Inspirational, Leadership, Sales

Description:Dr. John opens up the eyes of his audience. Not the eyes in their faces, but the I’s within them, such as Integrity, and Insight.

Bio:Dr. John has been described as England's answer to the late Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale who became famous for his book "The Power of Positive Thinking". John's first book "Make Your Walls Tumble: How To Change Your Impossible To Merely Difficult, Then Achieve Success" has even been endorsed by his wife Ruth Stafford Peale.

Seen as an expert on the works of Napoleon Hill, The Napoleon Hill Foundation has endorsed his work by featuring him in several of their publications as well as inviting him to write the introduction to a new edition of Dr. Hill's "How To Sell Yourself Through Life."

Also acknowledged as a master in the art of salesmanship, and originator of the "Selling Becomes You" program, John was called in by Mickey Greenfield PhD, to write the introduction to his bestseller, "The $ales Slump Doctor Is In!"

Recognised as England's best-selling inspirational writer, John is featured in Forrest Wallace Cato's latest book "What It Takes To Make You Great." - Profiling America's Three Greatest Sales & Success Motivators and Their Timeless Wisdom. - Norman Vincent Peale, W. Clement Stone, Robert H. Schuller.

Phil Hodges, Co-author with Ken Blanchard & Bill Hybels of "Leadership by the Book", says of John's latest book…"Mindful of Purpose: A Hero's Quest for Excellence is a beautifully crafted allegory that teaches timeless truths for living and leading in today's world. It is a tale of high adventure, filled with wonderful images and profound insights into the challenge of staying the course in a world filled with distractions and tempting compromises. I highly recommend it as a treasured resource for anyone seeking inspiration in their own personal quest to serve others as a leader."

When you hear Dr. John speak, you realise that just being good enough is enemy of your best.

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